We offer the Chattanooga area the most advanced window cleaning technology in the world. We will make your windows sparkle with our pure water window cleaning equipment. This is the industry’s latest technology. Water spots on glass are actually deposited minerals left behind. We filter out the minerals in the water to leave behind a clean, spot-free glass.

Standard window cleaning procedures use soap to clean windows and that technology has done the world well for many years. However, window cleaning soaps leave behind an invisible film that catches dust and therefore a surface more apt to build up contaminants. Pure water leaves no film behind, so the windows stay cleaner for longer.

Our carbon fiber window cleaning poles allow us to reach heights of 3 stories while standing on the ground. We can clean third floor windows without using a ladder, so uneven terrain is no longer a problem. We have invested in equipment that makes our job safer for our technicians and our customers.

Window washing is an excellent add-on to our house washing service. The house washing technique leaves the windows looking good, however; water spots will be left from city water. That is when the pure water equipment comes in. We will clean your windows with pure water and make them look amazing after the house washing procedure is finished.

On the interior, we also use pure water! Mineral free water is sprayed onto the glass and professional microfiber pads and towels are used to remove all dust and dirt from your windows. We also clean blinds, window sills, and window screens.

You can rest assured that when choosing Waterboys for your window cleaning needs, you are receiving the best service available in the Chattanooga area. No company is as detailed and safety conscious. No one has better equipment. No one can beat our customer service.