Terms & Conditions

Waterboys, LLC 3 Year Spot-Free Limited Warranty Waterboys, LLC will provide the necessary service to maintain a spot-free absence of dark molds and mildews from the clients’ roof for three consecutive twelve-month periods from the original date of cleaning. This warranty covers shingle roofs that are of the proper pitch with no pooling Waterboys, LLC’s roof cleaning process is safe for your roof. If any damage is caused to your roof by our personnel, or our process or the chemicals in our process, Waterboys, LLC will repair or replace your roof, at its option. The warranty does not cover new or replacement roofing not originally treated by Waterboys, LLC, areas under or around roof-mounted apparatus or Acts of God determined by local area. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the roof free from debris, as well as tree limbs trimmed away at least eight feet from the roof surface. Green Mustard Algae is not covered for retreatment. This spot-free warranty is transferable to the new owner of the property. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Waterboys, LLC pledges to earn your satisfaction. We will strive to provide a complete cleaning the first time. However, if there are errors or missed areas, we pledge to provide timely Customer Care for all concerns. Scope of Work The work and services to be performed are those expressly agreed upon on the front of this agreement. Additions requested by the customer will be added to the contract as an additional charge. Please read this document completely to be sure each and every service you require is listed. If it is not listed, ask the representative to make a written amendment to the front of this document to communicate your service request.

. Waterboys, LLC does not use high pressure to perform any of its services under this agreement- with the exception of concrete cleaning or other hard surfaces. Our chemical is sprayed on utilizing a pump with pressure of less than 160 psi and should not be interpreted as pressure washing. You Should Know Waterboys, LLC has experienced certain conditions that we wish to point out before initiating service on your home: We are very successful in preventing plant damage but occasionally plants will suffer following a roof cleaning. More often than not, a plant will defoliate and recover. However, if your plant does not recover within 90 days, Waterboys, LLC will replace the plant. You must call the office immediately if you notice any wilting so our Customer Care team can give it the best chance of survival. Any exterior aluminum has a dark oxidation that comes with aging. Even when these surfaces are cleaned, this oxidation will be removable at times and non-removable at others, Waterboys, LLC offers no guarantee or price reduction in this case. Occasionally, white paint will come off the gutter exteriors during cleaning due to oxidation having eaten completely through the paint. Waterboys, LLC is not at fault in this case, there is no way to tell which gutters this will happen to. Rust stains associated with irrigation systems, rusting cars, patio furniture and fertilizer are removable with a separate chemical. Grease residue can be removed but even with the strongest of cleaners the grease spot leaves behind a permanent stain. There is an additional fee associated with these services, please be sure it is marked on the front of the invoice, if you wish to have these stains removed. Rarely, we have found clay staining beneath mold and mildew on vinyl siding. When this is hidden during the quoting process, the price does not accurately reflect the effort it will take to remove the red clay staining.  Further discussion will be necessary to determine a fair approach to removing this staining once it is discovered during the cleaning process. There are sometimes failings in paint tints which show up after exposure to our cleaner. Waterboys, LLC will perform a paint test in an inconspicuous place but occasionally the problem may show up in isolated areas well into the cleaning process. Blue and brown paints are the most notorious for having tinting issues- blues turn green and browns turn yellow. Waterboys, LLC is not responsible for manufacturer defects in tinting that show up during our cleaning process. Vinyl siding and paint fail with time. A powdery oxidation appears on the surface that is removable by brushing. This film will return fairly quickly once removed. Occasionally, small amounts of this film wash away during our cleaning process, leaving a blotchy look to the siding once dry. This is temporary. Waterboys, LLC will not return to brush your home to restore the uniform look without additional fees. Please consider this before having us clean sun-damaged siding. Staining on wood materials can be damaged by the weather and natural aging. Waterboys will take all precautionary measures to prevent streaking and lightening of the stain. However, in some cases this is unavoidable, specifically, when the stain has not been properly maintained. It is recommended that stained materials on the exterior of the home are re-stained every 3-5 years, and sealed every 1-3 years. Waterboys, LLC is not responsible for any streaking or lightening of the stained areas if the materials have not been maintained by the manufacturer’s recommendations or the above recommendations. Hardware that is aging and/or exposed to elements may become discolored when disinfected by out detergent. Client must request that door hardware be covered, if desired, for an added expense. Scheduling Waterboys, LLC will arrange with the customer an agreeable day for the work to start. Unless otherwise arranged ahead of time, it is the customer’s responsibility to remove patio furniture, decorations, etc. from patios, decking and other exterior surfaces scheduled for cleaning unless other arrangements are made in advance by Waterboys and the customer. Waterboys, LLC is NOT responsible for damage to items moved. Waterboys is not responsible for outdoor lighting or cameras that are not waterproof. Client must ask to have cameras covered, if desired, and pay for this added service. Weather Weather conditions are an important factor in our work environment, Waterboys, LLC may need to cancel their work due to rain, wind or lightning. Rescheduling will be done at Waterboys, LLC’s discretion upon agreeable notification to customers. Safety Waterboys, LLC’s commitment to safety is your assurance that your job will be completed according to Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards. Insurance Waterboys, LLC carries a 1 million dollar liability policy and every Waterboys, LLC employee is fully covered by TN workers compensation insurance. If a company does not carry workers Compensation, in the event of bodily injury, you, the property owner, can be liable for injury to anyone working on your property. Waterboys, LLC’s insurance covers every person employed with our company, protecting you, the property owner. We will be happy to provide you with a copy of our insurance certificate upon request. Collection of Payment All of Waterboys, LLC’s services are payable upon completion of the scope of work. Payment must either be made via check, cash or the major credit card on file upon completion of scope of work. Non-payment of your account will exclude you from customer privileges such as customer care and warranty claims. Waterboys, LLC reserves the right to place any unpaid account in collection. Client agrees to pay all collection costs, court costs, late fees, interest, administration and attorney fees applicable by law. Cancellation Policy When we schedule your services, we are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other clients. At the time of scheduling, we request a credit card on file to secure your date and time. If cancellation is necessary, we require that you call or email at least 7 days in advance. Should you need to cancel less than 7 days in advance of your service, your card will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. My representative has reviewed these terms with me and I understand the proceeding with any services with Waterboys, LLC constitutes agreement to the terms outlined above.