Waterboys can clean many different types of roofs. There is no high pressure used in roof cleaning, as it can damage roofing materials. Specific cleaning detergents are applied based on type of growth and roof material. We apply the solution to the roof using specialized chemical sprayers. We can clean most roofs from the edge, while standing on ladders.

Asphalt shingle roofs grow a type of algae called gleocapsa magma. This is the reason you see black streaks on your shingle roofs. This algae is feeding off of the roofing material, and can cause premature degradation of the shingles. This type of growth requires an applied algaecide to kill the algae. Not only does it remove the parasitic growth, but the cleaner leaves the roof looking like new. The aesthetic benefits are why many people choose asphalt shingle roof cleaning.

Metal roofs acquire dust, dirt and sometimes algae as well. These contaminants can be removed with our house washing detergent. It is also a low pressure technique because high pressure can blow the waterproofing seals away from the metal fasteners, creating a potential leak. Often times metal roofs have oxidized paint that cannot be taken off. This appears to be a dirty haze on the surface of the roof. This procedure only removes the contaminants, not the oxidized paint, so the haze will remain.

Cedar Shake Roofs acquire algae, moss, lichen, and other organic growth. Specialized wood cleaners are used to clean the wood and kill the contaminants. Low pressure rinsing is required with this cleaning technique.

Roof cleaning is not an instant gratification service. Our goal is to kill the growth on the roof. We don’t remove all of the contaminants during our process. It is as much “treating” the roof as it is “washing” the roof. Some contaminants will remain after the procedure, however the foreign growth is killed and detaches over time while being rinsed away with subsequent rains.

Below is an image of detergent applied to cedar shake.